Your Home Is A Reflection Of Who You Are

Good or bad, your home is a reflection of who you are.  When you invite someone into your home, you are inviting someone into yourself.  People get to know who you are by your surroundings and how you live.  How you see yourself will be evidenced by what is in your home. So, take a real close look at what you have in your surroundings.  For you are reflected there.

As an Interior Design Company, it is our job to take what you already have and make it more beautiful or begin with a fresh, clean slate and create a beautiful home or office space than exceeds your expectations and that is within your budget and timeline.

We offer the very best manufacturers from around the world.  These include, but are not limited to Holly Hunt, Baker Furniture, Poliform, Nancy Corzine, George Smith, Jonathan Adler, Wood-Mode, Porcelanosa, Kohler, Ann Sacks, Lightology and Farrow-Ball.

As a showroom-based and gallery-based company, we will invite you, our potential client, to schedule an appointment to visit the Merchandise Mart furniture showrooms or Chicago-area art galleries that we work out of.  You will be completely amazed by what you will find there.

As we endeavor to know you and as you get to know us, we will work with you  to select only those items that will contribute to your design goals.  We will then handle all of the delivery and other details for you.  We endeavor to bring the very best to your home or office. Our goal is for you to “live the beautiful life.”

For more information, please call Beatrice @ 312-285-9118.  Thank you.

Below, pictures of Baker Furniture : Living Rooms.



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